Fall Fashion: Zana Bayne

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08/31/2011 4:00 AM |

Zana Bayne

Designer, and Editor of her Blog, Garbage Dress

What trends are you most excited about this fall?

Leather, latex, pvc, and lace. Taking sex-shop textiles and mixing them into casual contexts, like pairing a patent-leather skirt with a button-down, or wearing stacked handcuffs like bangles—not necessarily wearing all of these elements at the same time, rather using them as a way to add interest to layers.

Favorite fall collections?

Givenchy, for its restraint, pop, and reinvention of the color purple. Junya Watanabe, for the draped leather, tailored capes, and twisted sweaters. Damir Doma, for aggressive textures and minimal styling. Ann Demeulemeester, for the wicked corset detailing and leather overload!

If you could recommend any piece to invest in this season, what would it be?
I finally decided that it was time to get a pair of leather leggings, and found a fairly affordable pair by Gestuz. I think having a leather jacket that fits your style can be a struggle to find, but once obtained can be a staple for years to come. I’m looking forward to donning my Rick Owens leather from FW10, which was certainly an investment, but also my most worn and versatile jacket.

What/who inspires your style?

I’m most inspired by my talented and creative friends here in New York.

Any trends you hope don’t make it 
to 2012?

I could care less about others’ poor style choices, as long as it makes them happy!

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