Fassl Fashion: Raul Guerrero

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08/31/2011 4:00 AM |

Raul Guerrero

Fashion Editor at Fiasco Magazine

What trends are you most excited about this fall?

The relaxed cut, and the slight and subtle trend of cobalt blue: That’s one color apart from black (the absence of color) that catches my eye. But most importantly the stay-on-trend trend. Designers are now developing this trend where they don’t follow them and cater to the brand, fully experimenting within the brand’s heritage.  

Favorite fall collections?

Phillip Lim’s men’s collection. Looking back at my most important purchases in fashion, there’re these Phillip Lim cargo shorts… From Spring-Summer 09, I’ve been following his progress closely. The current collection catered to both the traditional and the experimental, without losing either end or catering to one end more than the other. 

If you could recommend any piece to invest in this season, what would it be?

This is a very tough one, but I’m going to ahead and say the men’s Givenchy varsity jacket. Not only is it pretty bad ass, but it will live in your closet for years. That’s the beauty of investing in designer wear: pieces can straddle seasons without looking dated. 

What/who inspires your style?

Extremities. As an extreme person, I adopt a style and submerge myself in it. If I believe this particular style would be more powerful by changing my haircut, then I go ahead and do that. I want to live up to it, to its full capacity in many different aspects of life. That can be music, a way of thinking, even the way I study my surroundings. Right now I’m going through a direction where minimalism is my whole inspiration. 

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