Habana Outpost Named a Finalist in the America’s Best Restroom Competition

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08/08/2011 1:48 PM |


Fucked in Park Slope reports that Fort Greene’s perpetually crowded “eco-eatery” and neighborhood gathering spot Habana Outpost is among the ten finalists in the 10th annual America’s Best Restroom competition (a rather original corporate branding initiative from bathroom designers Cintas), having been nominated either by itself or by patrons this spring, and vetted by a selection committee “based on eligibility, style, comments from the nomination and cooperation with the process.”

Vote for it, and check out the other finalists, here (and find the previous winners here): there’s much to learn about bathroom design and, indeed, about design, technology and luxury in America.

I don’t know enough about the world of restroom competitions to know if this particular competition is indeed the authoritative word on the Best Bathroom in America or if it’s merely one of several competitions of roughly equal stature, like in boxing or beauty pageants—if the latter, it might explain the otherwise inexplicable omission of the bathrooms at the Friendly’s in Westerly, Rhode Island—but we applaud Habana Outpost for their nomination, especially as their bathroom, nominated for its low-key tropical elegance and long locally famous eco-friendly set-up, is far scrappier than most of the other nominees, which have ninja-themed bamboo plumbing and blowdriers for your ass (in the case of NYC’s other nominee, Tribeca’s Ninja) (yes, there’s an expensive Muromachi period-themed Japanese restaurant in Tribeca, don’t ever go into Manhattan) or like heat-sensitive seats which program an LED light display on the door of the stall as soon as you sit down or something like that, I dunno, I didn’t look at the slideshow all that closely. Toilets.