Hear Jeff Mangum Sound Check Last Night Before His First Public Show of Neutral Milk Hotel Material in Who Knows How Many Years

08/09/2011 1:43 PM |

Because there’s not a whole lot going on today in the music world and because Jeff Mangum remains one of the most mystical, intriguing and beloved characters in all of indie rock, let’s eavesdrop on him sound checking for his show last night at First Unitarian Church in Burlington, Vermont — his first in a needless-to-say rare string of East Coast dates — and then weep from our respective corners of the Internet.

And while you’re weeping, L Mag contributing writer Josh Kurp was at the show and Tweeting a handful of observations (there was a strict no-camera policy). Check those out here; wait until you get to the one about the mic going out, and Mangum coming into the audience to sing “Two-Headed Boy, Pt. 2.” Then you’re really going to lose it.

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