How Do We Feel About This New Feist Single? Pretty Ok!

08/12/2011 4:11 PM |

Sans blue unitard

  • Sans blue unitard

Today, in advance of the Canadienne’s new album Metals out October 4, Colorado’s “World Class Rock” station KCBO debuted Feist’s new, double grammatically incorrect single, “How Come You Never Go There.” It’s cute that radio stations still premiere things, isn’t it? Of course the song has been splayed all over the Internet since, including a little nook we carved out for it below:

So, now that we’ve joined the herd in acknowledging this track’s existence, let’s talk about whether it’s any good, huh?

Yeah, sure it is. I mean, it’s tough to imagine a colorful, single-shot dance video or the track taking over an upcoming round of iPod ads or anything, but the low-key moodiness of it is totally likable (for grumps, even). The low, subtle horn rolls in the midst of the giddy “me and my Boof, and my Boof Book ridin’ ” section of Beyonce’s “Countdown” were the icing on that bananas cake earlier in the summer, and Feist’s similarly restrained use of subtle brass hits towards this song’s end are rich and handsome (those familiar with the Mystery Date board game know how coveted a combination that is). The soul-searching guitar solo in the middle isn’t overbearing either. It’d be a shock if there weren’t a day-glo “5,6,7,8” waiting on the record to capitalize on her bubbly claim to fame, but clean minimalism with an aching soul is enough to keep us interested.