New artMatch App Will Identify That Artwork for You

08/10/2011 12:16 PM |

This is how artMatch works.

  • This is how artMatch works.

Shazam is amazing, right? Well artMatch applies the same concept to art, identifying artworks based on photos taken with your smartphone (and then directing you to that piece or similar works available for purchase on Ok, so it’s partly just a nifty way to sell posters, but imagine what the American Association of Museums or the Smithsonian could do with this.

Also imagine how difficult it must be for artMatch to tell the difference between, say, Kazimir Malevich’s “Black Square” (1915) and one of Ad Reinhardt’s black paintings from the 60s.

Malevich on the left, Reinhardt on the right.

  • Malevich on the left, Reinhardt on the right, OBVIOUSLY.

A press release accompanying the free app’s unveiling doesn’t really explain how it works—a team of art history major interns, we’re assuming—but it does explain the “Visualize” feature, which lets you “hold up your phone to see that work of art in your own room.” It’s virtually like having your very own Malevich.


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  • artMatch….Here’s your ultimate challenge. Check out this collection!

  • Just got this great invitation for a Fashion Meets Art event in the Hamptons; sounds pretty awesome to me. Luxury cashmere giant Magaschoni invites visitors to mingle and meet artist Linda Sirow in their Southampton boutique (53C Jobs Lane) from August 4th to August 14th. Seems like 10 % of art sales will benefit the Child Mind Institute as well. Check it out if you

  • I have some art I would like to identify . I can take pictures and post online if need be.