New Poll Confirms That Most New Yorkers Like Bike Lanes

08/10/2011 9:46 AM |

The NYPD supports bike lanes.

  • The NYPD loves bike lanes.

Last month Quinnipiac University Polling released the results of a poll that found 59 percent of New Yorkers liked the Department of Transportation’s often-contentious new bike lanes, but, knowing that nobody was ever swayed by the results of just one poll, NY1 and Marist College surveyed some 808 New Yorkers last month. Their poll, just released (PDF), found that even more New Yorkers like bike lanes.

According to the NY1/Marist College survey, 66 percent of the city’s residents support the new bike lanes, while 28 percent oppose them. Despite this overwhelming support, 40 percent of those polled believe that the lanes are making the city’s traffic worse. Another 40 percent feel that there are currently enough bike lanes in the city, while 27 percent would like to see more, and 23 percent want some to be removed.

Of those polled, 13 percent were cyclists, 30 percent lived in Brooklyn—along with 15 percent from the Bronx, 21 percent from Manhattan, and 34 percent from Queens and Staten Island.

One day, people will be making these polls about car lanes.

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