New York Artist Sells New York Trash in Pretty Cubes

08/03/2011 8:58 AM |

Yankee trash.

  • Yankee trash.

If you need any more proof that our planet has forever morphed into a surrealistic dystopia, a clownish and horrific parallel universe for a much saner planet lying just beyond the dimensional divide, this is it. This man sells garbage to people for $50. It is New York City garbage. He has been doing this for a decade.

God bless Justin Gignac, who back in 2001 made a bet with a co-worker that anything could sell if it was packaged well enough. At the time, Gignac was a student working at a New York advertising agency. Now an artist and entrepreneur, Gignac created NYC Garbage, collecting and packaging “authentic” New York garbage in Lucite cubes. Each cube is signed, numbered, and dated, and they have been distributed all over the world, including New York, where New York garbage is readily available, gratis.

Best of all, for only $100, you can buy “limited edition garbage” from Obama’s inauguration, the last game at Shea Stadium, the first game at Citi Field, and the Yankees’ 2009 championship parade (pictured). “Limited edition garbage” may sound like an oxymoron, though Gignac, who is already in the pantheon of great Americans, is clearly no moron. Let’s just hope that the inevitable Coney Island whitefish cube is an especially limited edition.

(Photo: NYC Garbage/Flickr)

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