Patti Smith’s Memoir ‘Just Kids’ To Be Made Into a Movie

08/16/2011 2:42 PM |


Oh brother. Gothamist suggested that Kristen Stewart might be vying for Smith’s role and that James Franco should play Smith’s once-lover and dear friend, photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.

Please let those words be stricken from the Internet, because if this turns into some kind bohemian Twilight (with elements of Franco’s contribution to Milk), hordes of angry New Yorkers who were touched by Smith’s writing on their morning commute will fight back. Franco, I’m telling you, do not bring your drooling, stoner General Hospital/NYU professor nonsense near this. Luckily, the script is in good hands, as Smith herself (with John Logan, of The Aviator fame) is writing it independently on spec and not for any studio in particular.

Just Kids, which won the the National Book Award last year, tells the story of Smith’s intimate friendship with Robert Mapplethorpe from when they first met in the East Village in the late 1960s to his death in 1989. In her uniquely open and sincere prose, Smith writes about how the two developed as artists and as lovers, detailing the struggle and confusion along the way.

It could make a wonderful movie—if they use fresh faces. Let’s hope that Just Kids won’t ever just be a bullet point on some hackneyed celebrity’s IMDB profile.


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  • Why such emotion against Kristen Stewart? She’s an incredible actress and to even mention Twilight as a basis to making a point regarding her acting proves your bias. Not that the buzz is even accurate, but if it is – watch her performance in the Runaways. And then go get yourself another good measure by watching her in On the Road (when it comes out), and only then will your opinion (as long as it is honest) have merit.

  • I have seen Kristen Stewart act in The Runaways, which is precisely why I would never want her to play Patti Smith. I’m anti-monopoly when it comes to actresses playing punk musical legends dear to my heart, because then it just becomes all about Kristen Stewart making another music biopic instead of Patti Smith making a movie out of her memoir. Also, I can’t formulate opinions based on things I haven’t seen. That would be the definition of a dishonest opinion without merit.