The Best of Brooklyn

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08/03/2011 4:00 AM |

We’d like to think that every issue we put out is a “Best of Brooklyn” issue. Week in, week out, we have the privilege of digging into what makes this borough (the fourth largest city in America, ahem) such a wonderful place to live, and now have the pleasure of sharing with you some of our favorite discoveries over the past year.

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  • The Bosco rocks!!

  • I cannot help noticing that you have an erroneous entry! The “Best Licensed Spot of a Brooklyn Band in a Brooklyn-Based TV Show” belongs to Hungry March Band with their cameo in Episode 4 of I Just Want My Pants Back. This Brooklyn born’n’bred group was integral to the storyline and even got this hilarious bit of dialogue directed at them: “Oh you and your ironic hipster marching bands…always knowing when to show up.”