Travel the World with the Handsome Furs Without Leaving Your Office Cubicle

08/17/2011 2:48 PM |


Conklin already pointed you in the direction of this joint project between Handsome Furs and CNN early last year when the cable news network launched a web series chronicling the band’s travels touring across Asia in support of their 2009 force of an album, Face Control, but in light of their show tomorrow at Bowery Ballroom (this time supporting Sound Kapital, released in June), I suggest you check back in. For one, there somehow got to be eight segments, and the lack of North American and European indie-rock bands playing shows in China, faced with the challenge of playing for people largely unfamiliar with their work, makes for an unique twist to the typical tour diary. For two, husband-wife pair Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry are as endearing as they come, infatuated with seeing the world, experiencing the local culture, and translating the influences gathered into their music (the inspiration for Face Control apparently came from a trip to Russia). Their tumblr blog has morphed into a travelogue too, complete with dorky tourist photos of the two of them and Alexei’s detailed written accounts as they hop from city to city. It’s not exactly how you picture them when listening to their ripped, bleeding electro-punk. Though, to be fair, neither are images of them in fanny packs and khaki shorts.