Wanna Watch the Trailer for the New Season of Bored to Death? Of Course You Do!

08/17/2011 11:33 AM |

The Beastie Boys should probably be required to soundtrack any film and/or television trailer shot in Brooklyn, ’cause it sure is working in this teaser for the third season of Bored to Death, doubly benefited by shots of Zach Galifianakis carrying around a huge stuffed bird. This show is so fun, in a Brooklyn sort of way, as pretentious at that may sound. Look, they’re riding the Coney Island carousel whilst Ted Danson is drinking a martini. Look, now they’re on the bumper cars. That sort of thing. The series returns Monday, October 10 on HBO, picking up after, if I recall, the gang leaves the hospital where they were visiting Super Ray, who is recovering from an attack by his former flame’s new lover. Jason Schwartzman/Jonathan Ames is on the case, I think? (They let too much time go in-between seasons.)