“What’s On Steve Buscemi’s Stoop?” Tumblr Shut Down

08/09/2011 9:50 AM |

Park Slope resident Elliot Larkfield has shut down his Tumblr, “What’s on Steve Buscemi’s Stoop?” on which he chronicled the detritus that the actor leaves outside his home. “This morning I received a nice e-mail from Lucian Buscemi, Steve’s son, asking me to discontinue the blog,” Larkfield wrote last week. “I don’t want to be slinking around the neighborhood taking pictures in defiance of the Buscemi family’s express wishes. I always said I would honor any request from Steve to stop documenting the activity on his stoop, and this is close enough.” Readers of Fucked in Park Slope should be happy—they recently, overwhelmingly voted the site “not cool.”

“So stupid and disrespectful,” wrote one commenter. “This guy is a creepy stalker,” offered another. But it wasn’t called “What’s Happening in Steve Buscemi’s Living Room That I Can See Through His Parted Curtains?” or even “What’s Inside Steve Buscemi’s Trash Bags?” Personally, I don’t think junk that you leave on your stoop is a privacy that can be invaded; I also think that the fact that Buscemi once owned a cassette labeled Nino Rota is weirdly insightful.