Wilco’s “The Whole Love” Preview Has Lots of Noise, Shots of Marimbas

08/15/2011 4:40 PM |


We’re just suckers for behind-the-scenes stuff, like this, the trailer for Wilco’s The Whole Love, which drops September 27. It’s a B-roll riddled sneak peek at Jeff Tweedy and the crew recording in their Chicago studio with the explosive, noisy track “Art of Almost” featured in the background. Tweedy told SPIN that The Whole Love was inspired by Neil Young, and the exuberant trailer’s shots of Glenn Kotche on marimbas and Nels Cline on his axe look especially promising. In the meantime, the band is doing a series of free giveaways for those who preorder the album through their website, including a tricked-out, “dust blue” single speed (fixed gear optional) Wilco bicycle. They clearly understand their demographic, no?

Now would be a good time to also mention that there is an entire documentary devoted to shots of Jeff Tweedy looking alternately stressed out and relieved (but mostly stressed out) during the recording of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot in 2001. It’s called I Am Trying to Break Your Heart (dir. Sam Jones) and it is conveniently streaming on Netflix Instant Watch. Check out both the The Whole Love and I Am Trying To Break Your Heart trailers after the jump.