1. Greenpoint

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1. Greenpoint

Why You Should Move Here

Greenpointers are under the misapprehension that their quiet, lovely (but not dull) post-industrial waterfront neighborhood is still some kind of secret—it is not. But some of its gorgeous, quiet blocks retain a marvelous hidden quality (we’re looking at you Oak Street) just steps from the old New York neighborhood-bustle of Manhattan Avenue or the mellow gentrified sheen of Franklin Street. Maybe it’s the stalwart presence of the longstanding Polish community (half of the hood’s approximately 40,000 residents), or the isolating “G” factor but, somehow, Greenpoint has managed to absorb the northward seep of Williamsburg’s consumer-driven “counterculture” without turning into a hipster mall. And that’s why it’s our number one neighborhood in Brooklyn.

What the Future Holds

Long thought to be one of the most polluted, toxic neighborhoods on the Eastern seaboard—a fact borne out by tragically high cancer rates—Greenpoint is finally getting the environmental remediation it deserves. Given Superfund status in 2009, America’s most polluted waterway—the Newtown Creek—will be getting the full treatment (possibly even a boathouse!), and there’s $25 million from oil-spill culprit ExxonMobil to spend on dealing with a huge undeground oil plume (those are bad). On a lighter note, the recent addition of a ferry stop at the end of India Street takes a very small (but picturesque!) amount of commuting traffic off the G.

Where You’ll Find Us

Eating brunch at Five Leaves (if we can get a table). Having a nothing-but-local dinner at Eat. Reading under the trees at McGolrick Park (a book bought at WORD). Enjoying near-perfect cocktails at the Manhattan Inn.

Second Thoughts

So yeah, cleaning up generations of toxicity is going to take awhile… (But hell, if you’re living in New York City, environmental purity isn’t number one on your list of “WHY I LIVE HERE,” is it?)

How Much

Average two-bedroom rental: $2,600

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  • Disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner had been in the forefront of this Cancer Scare campaign that L magazine is sadly contributing to. Greenpoint’s health scorecard is readily available at nyhealth.gov and has consistently shown that the cancer rate in Greenpoint is 10% LOWER than the rest of the city along with a 25% and 50% LOWER asthma rate. Where are they higher? … Williamsburg! The State DEC is aware of toxic industrial sites in Willliamsburg near Devoe Street along the Newtown Creek that could potentially be the cause of cancers, but no one is calling for a study (The Williamsburg section of the creek was found to be the most poluted section by the EPA not Greenpoint, but Williamsburg is never mentioned in articles about the infamous waterway). Instead, there seems to be a no holds barred attack on Greenpoint and a blatant disregard for the health concerns of the Willamsburg community. One has to wonder if former Congressman Weiner was in the pocket of Williamsburg real estate developers trying to cover up a serious health concern that might hinder the sales of their luxury condo developments. Public officials are to serve and protect life and property- not serve and protect property of their cronies.

  • Williamsburg is attacking Greenpoint as part of a broader conspiracy that involves shady real estate developers, dick waving politicians, Texas oilmen, CIA covert ops, Russian double agents and sadly, reaches all the way to the White House. Even L Magazine is not immune from being infiltrated by Williamsburg spies and propaganda. They’ll tell you about the G train, and cancer clusters, but like, count the numbers man. They always add up to 9 and 11, and 9/11, and like, turn the numbers upside down man, and you’ll find 666. The Mark of the Beast, and Marty’s last name is Markowitz. Its, like, chilling man. Markowitz, Williamsburg, Obama, Bush and Condoleeza Rice are all in on it. Cheney too. Greenpoint over and out.


  • Pos “journalists” like you turned Williamsburg into a “hipster mall” so keep reporting about how cool Greenpoint is and its fate is sealed. “.. a marvelous hidden quality (we

  • @CafeGrumpy
    Sounds like you should probably move somewhere without homeless people.