3. Ditmas Park

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3. Ditmas Park

Why You Should Move Here

This is where Brooklynites go when they’ve gotten a little older, when they’ve tired of the nightlife, the noise and excitement of Bedford Avenue, and want to settle down somewhere a little quieter—someplace close to the park, someplace with big beautiful houses from the early 20th century, no two of which are alike. The lawns and tree-lined streets are meant to evoke a park setting, the street names—Argyle, Rugby—an English dignity. “I feel like I live in a small, charming town,” novelist and Ditmas resident Helen Phillips told us. Thanks to the influx of new residents, cool shops have begun to sprout up on Courtelyou Road, the neighborhood’s southern border. But it’s still a diverse middle-class area. “It doesn’t have the only-rich-white-people-live-here kind of vibe that Park Slope has,” resident Maritza Norr told us.

What the Future Holds

Ditmas Park can’t stay a poorly kept secret for much longer—more people are coming. “It really feels like no other part of Brooklyn I’ve ever been to,” Norr told us. “So maybe don’t hype it up too much, because I want it to stay that way!” Yeah, sorry.

Where You’ll Find Us

Drinking flowers and picking the petals off glasses of beer at Sycamore Flowershop & Bar. Eating an Iraqi sandwich at Mimi’s Hummus. Swirling a glass of Cabernet Franc at The Castello Plan. Stocking up on dried lentils at Market. Waiting for coffee to cool at Cafe Madeline. Shvitzing at Brooklyn Banya.

Second Thoughts

Deeper into the heart of Brooklyn, train service starts to get spotty, especially during nights and weekends, when residents might actually want to escape the suburban-style calm.

How Much

Average rent of a two-bedroom apartment: $1,700

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