5. Williamsburg

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Why You Should Move Here

Let’s get this out of the way: Williamsburg long ago ceased to be the epicenter of what is “cool” about Brooklyn—it is old, it is monied, it is full of condos and strollers. But, BUT, unlike Park Slope (also old, monied and full of, well, what comes after strollers?) Billyburg retains enough of its counterculture sheen to still attract actual cool people from around the world—the French, the Dutch, the Spanish, the Italians… and holy crap a lot of Japanese hipsters. So yes, galleries are leaving, and the kids can’t afford rent, but if you like good restaurants and don’t think it’s crazy to spend $400 on (really effing beautiful) shoes, the hood’s for you. The old hipsters grew up and started having babies, but there’s a ton of cool shit still here, you just have to look for it (and have the money to enjoy it).

What the Future Holds

It’s hard to imagine that the corner of North 7th and Bedford could get any more crowded, but as another 10,000 housing units approach completion over the next decade (hello, Domino!), we could be looking at serious infrastructure collapse. On top of that obvious fact, developer promises of more green space (to supplement the already overtaxed parks) are falling by the wayside, contributing to an often Manhattanesque sense of density along the Bedford corridor.

Where You’ll Find Us

In the back room of Samurai Mama eating Japanese bar snacks. Sucking back oysters and absinthe at Maison Premiere. Watching obscure Czech cinema at Spectacle. Browsing the sale racks at Bird. Stuffing our faces indiscriminately at Smorgasburg.

Second Thoughts

Uhh, did we mention that North 6th on weekends is like Bourbon Street?

How Much

Average rent of a two-bedroom apartment: $3,400

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