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Why You Should Move Here

Well, according to Patti Smith, the only cool place left near New York City is Poughkeepsie. But, if you’re sort of young and self-identify as “cool,” you could still give Bushwick a try (though, obviously, you’re pretty late to the party, dude). Seriously, though, Bushwick has cornered the ever-shifting market on “artsy,” as Williamsburg galleries like Momenta Art and Nurtureart have made the move, along with a big splash by Chelsea’s Luhring Augustine, which has a space opening later this fall, in a building they bought… So yeah, there are still a few young people here, doing interesting things, but who knows how long they’ll be able to afford it.

What the Future Holds

Williamsburg has come and gone as the locus of cool, and as the waters recede there remains surprisingly sparse evidence of a once thriving gallery scene. Some have suggested the absence of serious investment from cultural institutions, the kind that has happened in Queens, is at fault, so here’s hoping Bushwick can survive the next phase of gentrification with its artistic soul intact.

Where You’ll Find Us

Drinking a $2 PBR at Cafe Ghia. Eating a burger at Burger It Up. Saving up for a big night out at Roberta’s. In Paul D’Agostino’s living room, looking at art.

Second Thoughts

The benefits of gentrification (a thriving arts scene, small businesses serving good coffee/beer/food) are a little diffuse, and it’s obviously more of a hike from Manhattan (if you care about such things). And the greenspace in Bushwick makes Williamsburg look like Montana.

How Much

Average rent of a two-bedroom apartment: $1,600

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  • I love living here but the air smells like garbage. You think you are getting nice wind blowing in your face but the breeze is dense with the smell of trash since there is a transport station.

  • Also home of the worst crime rate in Brooklyn. My Apartment was robbed twice in one month.
    But yeah, Roburta’s is amazing and Little Skips on Myrtle is an awesome coffee shop. 🙂

  • Crime is everywhere in New York. I’ve had two friends that live in the West Village. Both have gotten mugged. You learn to be street smart and if you decide to live in New York you better learn fast. Park Slope, Williamsburg, the city, pretty much where ever!

  • Bushwick does not have the worst crime rate in Brooklyn — not even close. I’ve lived in Bushwick for several years and never felt threatened or unsafe. The areas around the Morgan and Jefferson stops get all the attention, but I think the nicest (but less well-known) areas are the residential streets off the Myrtle-Wyckoff and Halsey stops, near Irving Square Park. There’s not a lot of cool cafes and bars around there yet, but it’s much cleaner and quieter, and the architecture is much more well-preserved — there’s some really pretty blocks of limestone brick row houses.