Because It’s Friday, Let’s Watch This Random Video of a Young Conor Oberst Geeking Out in a Record Store

09/09/2011 2:49 PM |

I’m at the height of my semi-annual Bright Eyes bender, after having seen Conor & Co. play a career-spanning set at the Williamsburg Waterfront last week, so trust me when I say YouTube offers a whole lotta gems of the Oberst-ian variety. Few compare to this one though, in which a gawky, gentle Conor gushes about his favorite record store in all of Omaha. “They mostly have independent-record label vinyl selections,” he explains to the cameraman, who in my mind is Mike Mogis. If this sees you going down the time-sucking YouTube hole, may I recommend watching this clip next, of him in shakier days, then this one, in, um, more strapping days. You’re welcome.