Brief Reflections on Gossip Girl’s Many Musical Guests

09/29/2011 11:31 AM |

Whose backs are those?

  • Whose backs are those?

In the magical land where the commute between Brooklyn and the Upper West Side is a mere 10 minutes and college students write cover stories for New York Magazine, Gossip Girl goes all out with their guest appearances. Most make sense, like Tim Gunn and Diane Von Furstenberg. Others, not so much, like New York Observer‘s Jared Kushner and sporadic appearances by Wallace Shawn as Cyrus Rose, Blair Waldorf’s step-dad. Included in the illustrious group are the show’s many musically-inclined guest appearances, like that of Jenny Lewis and her boyfriend/bandmate Johnathan Rice in Monday night’s premiere, which a friend called depressing.

A look, if you will:

Jenny and Johnny:


Serena fled to L.A. to find herself yet again, and somehow finds herself working on David O. Russell’s (yep, played by himself) adaption of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and Damned. At the party, Serena bumps into Miss and Mr. Jenny Lewis (the former wearing what I believe to be a cat necklace, the latter in sunglasses) and asks how the film score is going. Then she brushes them off for more important things, like staring at a mirror. This episode, by the way, also has Elizabeth Hurley bedding Nate, too.

Lady Gaga:
Blair Waldorf somehow finagled Lady Gaga into performing at a retelling of Snow White at NYU to impress the snobby theater kids. What does nonsensical theatrics and Snow White have in common? Who knows, but I bet Gaga would work on something with those dwarfs. Watch here. Oh, and of course Hilary Duff is dating Dan in this episode, which we think maybe counts as another musical guest.

Cyndi Lauper:
Pouty Blair is upset that her mother wants to go to a Cyndi Lauper concert instead of attending her own 18th birthday party. (What 18 year-old wants her mother at her birthday party?) So Cyrus convinces Cyndi to perform at Blair’s bash instead, which Blair ditches promptly to win over Chuck, presumably. Here you go, watch it.

Florence and the Machine:

In Gossip Girl‘s first homage to Fashion’s Night Out, Florence and the Machine play at W Magazine‘s party.

Dan leaks a video of drunk Blair singing “Stand by Your Man,” which is horrifically embarrassing for some reason, and invites Robyn to introduce the video at Blair’s birthday party. She sings, too, as you can see here.

Lisa Loeb:
At a sad launch party for Rolling Stone‘s “Top 10 Forgotten Bands of the ’90s,” Lisa Loeb stays with Rufus Humphrey, former rock star and, who I might add, is both the father of Dan AND step-father of Dan’s ex-girlfriend who also took his virginity, Serena (oh the lives they lead). Watch it here. Check out those eyeglasses!

No Doubt:
No Doubt played their cover of “Stand and Deliver” in the show’s attempt to launch an 80s spin-off, where the prim young Lily (mother of Serena) navigates the punk-rock scene in California. Thankfully, the series was never picked up. Gwen Stefani, here.

Sonic Youth:

Yup, the king and queen of indie rock appeared on Gossip Girl. Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon had the honors of marrying Lily and Rufus and played an acoustic song, too. They also get credit for appearing on Gilmore Girls (with Yo La Tengo!). Watch Sonic Youth sing sentimentally here; just try to tune out the Italian overdubs.

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  • your friend is weird. how is j&j’s appearance on gg depressing? i love any opportunity to see them, and for me it was a pleasant surprise. tell your friend to get over it.