Bushwick Democrat Endorsed by His Own Made-Up Newspaper

09/13/2011 8:57 AM |

And the Rafael Espinal Award for General Excellence goes to...Rafael Espinal!!

  • And the Rafael Espinal Award for General Excellence goes to…Rafael Espinal!!

Rafael Espinal didn’t get any major newspaper endorsements. So the Democratic candidate for state assembly in today’s special election in Bushwick started his own newspaper, the Brooklyn Politics blog reports. It’s called Prime Time News and was mailed out to Bushwick voters. The unusual piece of campaign literature features “articles about Espinal’s work in the community and how he won a recent debate,” City Hall News reported. “The crown jewel is the newspaper’s editorial evaluation of the three candidates for Tuesday’s special election.” After sober-headed, even-handed consideration, the paper endorsed Espinal. Well, that makes one “newspaper” rooting for the anti-abortion, anti-marriage equality “Democrat.” The rest of us are pulling for Jesus Gonzalez. (Find out if you live in the 54th assembly district.)

In other special election news, El Diario came out to support Democrat David Weprin in his race against Republican Bob Turner for Anthony Weiner’s old seat. (Find out if you live in the 9th congressional district.)

Latinos…should not for a second entertain sending Bob Turner to Washington. Even if the district disappears in the redistricting process next year, we should not risk letting Turner win this seat. He is a Tea Party zealot who denies the merits of the DREAM Act and supports Arizona-like anti-immigrant policies.

Last week, a racist mailer from Turner supporters showed the image of a mosque emerging from the ruins of Ground Zero next to a picture of President Obama and Weprin. The mailer misleadingly and perversely associated Weprin, Obama and all people of Muslim faith with the 9/11 terrorist attacks, right before the anniversary of the tragedy. Queens and Brooklyn voters should not send a fear mongerer to Congress. (Emphases mine.)

Right on, El Diario—Turner’s a shameless bigot.

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  • Found this ‘L’ website via google. What a petty shit hole of a site. Do you latinos think for yourselves, or follow instructions from your party bosses?