Cops in Trouble for Dirty Dancing at West Indian Parade (Which Actually Happens All the Time)

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09/13/2011 4:14 PM |


Some NYPD officers face an investigation into their behavior at the West Indian Parade following the revelation of a video that shows them grinding with revelers, the Post reports in this awesomely titled article. Home video from Labor Day’s festivities, uploaded by, shows, in the words of a Post reporter who’s just clinched this year’s Pultizer Prize for Describing Videos of Raunchy Perreo-Style Dancing for a General Newspaper Audience:

Some of the string-bikini-clad dancers bend over in front of the laughing officers as the crowd cheers, the video shows.

The women then back up into the officers’ crotches and rub their buttocks up against them as the cops grind in return, gleefully waving their arms in the air.

At one point, an enthusiastic officer even spreads his legs into a wider stance to more energetically thrust his pelvis into the rear of the dancer, with both of them bending over to better simulate a sex act.

Here is the video:

So, ok, the cop on the right clearly has a sideline in amateur porn, and regularly calls his dorky partner a fag (but in a loving and joking way). But anyway.

The local documentary Below the Brain, which played at BAM and the Spectacle Theater around Labor Day this year, compiles footage from last year’s parade—there’s one sequence in which a woman in a bathing suit top and skintight zebra-print pants walks up to an Asian-American cop—who, with his partner, is standing by his squad car monitoring the crowd—and begins grinding up on him, pretty salaciously, while he grins sheepishly and his partner laughs. As she walks away, you can hear her say, “I like you, cop.”

Is it weird of me to say that this is, in a slightly gross way, kind of nice? I mean, this year’s West Indian Parade was notable for stray gunfire and the absurdly, unnecessarily aggressive arrest of a City Councilman and aide. This is, in its way, a remind that NYPD crowd control at raucous events in minority neighborhoods doesn’t isn’t always entirely adversarial. Sometimes it’s merely… I mean, whatever this is.