Despite Retirement Rumors, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz Keeps One Toe in Mayoral Race

09/14/2011 2:43 PM |


  • Maybe.

According to an anonymous insider cited in today’s Post, Apple– and cheesecake-loving, bike lane-hating Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz isn’t planning on running in the next mayoral election and, with his final term ending in 2013, will more or less retire from politics at that time. But Markowitz’s camp says a run for mayor is still a possibility.

The tipster tells the Post:

He just wants to retire when this term is up and spend more time with his wife and enjoy himself. It’s a right he’s earned.

Seemingly backing up this rumor is Markowitz’s conspicuous lack of campaign fund-raising for an eventual run at City Hall, and more general expressions of fatigue by the 66-year-old pol.

But in a statement made through a spokesperson Markowitz tells us differently. “It’s no secret that I have not raised money or opened a campaign account,” he says. “However, I believe I would be an excellent Mayor and could bring the ‘heart’ back to New York City. I don’t think the window has closed and I have not made a final decision.”

In other words, stay tuned for either a retirement announcement or the launch of “Markowitz for Mayor 2013.”

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