Heathers Rejected Again, Fate Now With SLA

09/29/2011 4:10 PM |


As you could tell by my previous rant, I am a fan of Heathers in the East Village. The bar was previously rejected by Community Board 3’s State Liquor Authority committee, which responded to Heather Millstone’s reasonable pleas with an emphatic “Get off my lawn!” before shuffling back inside to watch Andy Rooney complain about something. Heathers got another chance Thursday night, when it went in front of the CB3’s full board for a vote on whether or not it would get its liquor license renewed. The verdict? Not so good.

Now that Heathers has been rejected again, its ultimate fate rests with the State Liquor Authority itself, which will meet with Millstone at a date TBD. Hopefully they’ll consider the sound reasoning of people like music writer/former Heathers bartender T Cole Rachel, who sent out a mass email defending the bar:

To see this place closed down on the basis of noise complaints from a few disgruntled neighbors (most of whom that have spent the past 6 years fuming because a bar was ever allowed to open on 13th street in the first place) would be not only sad, but also completely outrageous.

Heathers has no strikes against it for selling liquor to minors.
Heathers has no strikes against it for drugs, unruly behavior, or any sort of criminal activity.
Heathers has a grade A health rating.
Heathers bar, Heather Millstone, and the staff of Heathers have not done anything illegal.

This attack against the bar comes from a group that would have you believe that every bit of noise happening on 13th between Avenues A and B (a block bookended by multiple bars) is solely the result of Heathers’ clientele leaving the bar, which is preposterous.

Lets just hope the SLA is a bit more reasonable than CB3 or a lot of us are going to have a find a new favorite bar in the East Village.

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