Help NY Farmers By Eating Out on September 25th

09/07/2011 3:22 PM |


Sure, Hurricane Irene didn’t destroy New York City in a wave of Roland Emmerich-esque destruction, but it did wreak havoc on many of New York State’s farms. If you’ve been to the Greenmarket lately, you’ve probably noticed that the selection is somewhat diminished, a result of the 140,000 lost acres of farmland. Governor Cuomo’s $15 million Agricultural and Community Recovery Fund is a good start, but it doesn’t quite cover the $45 million in damage the storm caused to New York’s agricultural community. So, how can you help? By doing what you do best—eating at great NYC restaurants. On Sept. 25, around 30 restaurants all across the city will be donating up to 10 percent of their sales to farmers who have been affected by Irene.

Dine Out Irene, organized by some of New York’s best food writers including Gabriella Gershenson, Rachel Wharton and Kat Kinsman, includes some pretty amazing restaurants: Buttermilk Channel, Palo Santo, The Waverly Inn, Red Rooster, Tipsy Parson and more (see the complete list here).

Seeing as these are some of the hottest restaurants in New York, you might want to make your reservations soon. Also, remember that 10 percent of your meal is going to help the farmers that feed you, so you can justify ordering that second or third bottle of wine as a charitable act.