Here’s a Whole Bunch of New Music Videos That Involve Breakups, Furries And/Or Stuffed Animals

09/09/2011 1:52 PM |


Is it just coincidence, or is it fuzzy animal season ’round these parts? Hot on the faux fur-covered heels of the Stephen Malkmus’ “Tiger” video, three more music videos have been recently released into the wild that feature either people in animal suits or stuffed animals as characters, and at least two with running themes of love sickness.

Explosions in the Sky’s only second music video ever is a nearly 10 minute long saga of one oversized muppet man struggling to get over his muppet ex, and Big Troubles’ “Sad Girls” follows around a team of alcoholic dorks (and their stuffed duck mascot/boss) as they screw up computer repairs and try to figure out “Womancare.” Meanwhile, Diamond Rings‘ “You and Me” tells a story about platonic friendship, featuring a miniature, kiddie version of Diamond Rings dressed in a fur cape and a beak helmet.

The optimal condition for watching these would be wearing a snuggie by a roaring fire, clutching whatever stuffed animal you own, but even if you’re relegated to watching them at your desk, enjoy ’em below.

[via Consequence of Sound]

Big Troubles – Sad Girls from Slumberland Records on Vimeo.

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