In Race to Replace Weiner, Republicans Exploit Animus Toward Muslims, Gays

09/08/2011 12:46 PM |

Im a shameless bigot!

  • “I’m a shameless bigot!”

On Tuesday, residents of New York’s ninth district will vote in a special election to replace Anthony Weiner. The race “will likely be determined by who wins the Jewish vote in the district,” Capitol Tonight reported yesterday, and that vote is split. Democrat David Weprin—who is Jewish—was endorsed by The Jewish Press yesterday, and polls show him leading among Jewish voters. But his Republican opponent, Bob Turner, has chipped away at this support, winning the backing of prominent Jewish New Yorkers like Ed Koch and supervillain Dov Hikind. Part of Turner’s Jewish strategy involved exploiting the planned Islamic Cultural Center in Tribeca—yes, he has made the “Ground Zero Mosque” an issue. In 2011. For that kind of shameless bigotry, Turner deserves to lose.

And what about the company he keeps? Yesterday, the Brooklyn Politics blog published a flier, signed by 40 local rabbis, left in a local shul that decrees it is against Torah law to vote for Weprin because of his support for marriage equality—that is, “for advancing the radical LGBT agenda.” The flier refers to homosexuals as “the wicked ones.” (As a thought experiment, consider if the homosexual community came out against Jewish marriage.)

Marriage equality is a big issue among conservative Jews; “last month, Hikind cited Mr. Weprin’s support of same-sex marriage when he ruled out supporting him in the special election,” the Times reported. (Of course he did—Hikind is a bigot.) And it’s a big issue for others, as well: the National Organization for Marriage has pledged, the Times reports, to spend $75,000 against Weprin. It has already spent $26,000 against Weprin, and $19,000 in support of Turner.

What Bob Turner has to offer the voters of the ninth district is hatred for Muslims and gays. If voting for Weprin is against Torah law, voting for Turner is against basic human decency.