L TV: How To Get a Brooklyn Tattoo

09/07/2011 2:30 PM |

You’re hip. You live in Brooklyn. You’ve got just the right amount of swagger, dollars in your checking account and semi-reasonable taste to invest in a permanent marking on your body.

Do you, dear reader, want to get a tattoo? Do you need a short, knowingly inane and altogether hilarious instructional video to tell you how?

Welcome to a new L Magazine video series, How To Brooklyn. In our first episode, we follow Jonny Diamond, editor-in-chief of The L Magazine and Brooklyn Magazine, as he gets his knuckles tattooed by Mike Lucena at Williamsburg’s Flyrite Tattoo. See Jonny squirm. See Jonny shave his knuckle hair. See Jonny ask Mike if it’s OK to take his pants off.

We’ll be posting more of the How To Brooklyn series regularly, so stay tuned for more. Our topics will span the practical to the wholly ridiculous, so we invite you to send us any and all of your suggestions on how to properly Brooklyn (yes, we’re making it a verb) at howtobrooklyn@thelmagazine.com.

In the meantime, check out our first effort. This has been an episode of How To Brooklyn, and from Brooklyn, with love, we invite you to sit back, enjoy, and maybe even take your pants off.