Sorry, Can’t Talk, We’re Too Busy Thom Y0rking

09/29/2011 1:29 PM |


Did you guys know that Radiohead played a show in NYC last night? Like, whoa, right? I mean, I guess? (Jeff Klingman will be at tonight’s; check back here for a review tomorrow.) With all the recent news surrounding the band — the shows at Roseland, television appearances, supposed Coachella confirmation, desperate fans — we think an appropriate gesture of appreciation would be submitting a photo of yourself on the newish Tumblr blog Thom Y0rking. Since March, it’s been collecting “half-eye portraits” submitted from people around the globe mimicking Thom Yorke’s “eye thinking.” In its creators’ words: “We felt a good opportunity to create a dialogue, a connection, between people through this simple gesture. The goal is to laugh at ourself, and others as well, we are all imperfect and we like it the way it is.”

If you’re one of the thee people who got tickets for tonight, why don’t you take a picture of yourself Thom Y0rking while at the show? Meta. Radiohead would appreciate that.

Some standouts below:





And, hey, look, there’s a Radiohead fan in Brooklyn (who’s not that good at Y0rking):


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