The 10 Best Things Right Now

09/28/2011 4:00 AM |

Bonnie “Prince” Billy

Wolfroy Goes to Town

There’s a frustrating thing happening in music criticism circles lately, where, I guess due to the whole race-for-firsties thing everyone’s always talking about, many of our most reliable artists are being over-looked in favor of some ostensibly more interesting upstart. It’s understandable, of course, but fraught with all sorts of problems—for instance, the likelihood that such an approach would lead to you not paying sufficient attention to Wolfroy Goes to Town, which is the most beautiful and affecting record Will Oldham has made, under any moniker, in quite some time, full of gentle, aching songs with sneakily strong melodies and an incredible combination of warmth and clarity. Watch the video for the excellent first single, “Quail and Dumplings,” below.

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