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09/28/2011 4:00 AM |

Remembering Absolutely Kosher

Some bad news came down the pike last week, when we learned that the always-reliable San Francisco-based record label Absolutely Kosher is closing up shop for the foreseeable future. Owner Cory Brown cited increasing debt as the main reason for the decision, and when you take a moment to think about the outrageous amount of good records they’ve released over the years, it really stings. Among the more recognizable names to have appeared on the roster, you’ve got The Mountain Goats, Pinback, +/- (Plus Minus), The Wrens and Sunset Rubdown, which is to say nothing of the countless lesser known gems you’ll come across with even minimal digging. I was partial to songwriter Chris Garneau‘s work for the label, and have maintained quite a soft spot for The Court & Spark, who released a handful of very good, elegant country-ish albums back in the early-00s.

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