The 10 Best Things Right Now

09/28/2011 4:00 AM |

Jens Lekman

An Argument With Myself

When I first started compiling this list, I planned on writing about “An Argument with Myself,” the title-track from Jens Lekman’s new five-song EP, unbelievably his first new material since 2007. It’ll be a divisive track, for sure, borrowing as shamelessly as it does from Afrobeat—a move that, for reasons that have even more to do with class than race, seems to bother an awful lot of people. Just ask Vampire Weekend. Those issues (if you can even call them that; I can’t, really) aside, it’s one of Lekman’s best performances yet, with a vocal melody the alternates between slow, rich crooning and almost comically fast, near-spoken word ranting, which then transitions into actual spoken word. And it contains the line, “Fuck you, no you fuck you.” So yeah, it’s the best, basically. But it turns out the other four songs are really great too. A must-buy, I’d say, even if people don’t seem to be paying all that much attention. Listen to the title track below.

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