The Opposite of Nostalgia: Rolling Stone Readers Rank the Worst Songs of the 90s

09/07/2011 1:01 PM |

In the height of this 90s revival that the music industry is very much engrossed in these days, it’s important to remember that not all the music conceived during the Clinton administration was good, much less something that we should be striving to rehash today. It’s with that in mind that the readers at Rolling Stone rated the 10 worst songs of the decade. That one in the clip above sits comfortably, deservedly, at the number one spot. The poll’s number 10 choice — 4 Non Blondes’ “What’s Up?” — seems like a mistake, though. Despite singer Linda Perry’s repeated run-ins with funky hats, she knows how to belt out a song with that big, smokey voice of hers (and has since penned hits for Christina Aguilera and Pink, of course). These Rolling Stone readers have been known to get it wrong before, if you recall a certain hatred towards a certain Weezer album. On that note, here are six songs spanning the 90s that are far worse than “What’s Up?”

Snow – “Informer” (1992)

Shai-“If I Ever Fall in Love” (1992)

Candlebox – “Far Behind” (1993)

Richard Marx – “Now & Forever” (1994)

Savage Garden – “Truly Madly Deeply” (1997)

The Juliana Theory – “This Is Not a Love Song” (1999)

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  • Informer is AWESOME!

  • Conklin thinks you blew it by not including “The Humpty Dance.”

  • In general, these are much better choices for worst-song list than the Rolling Stone reader poll, which (not unexpectedly) takes a bunch of cheap shots at one-hit wonders (although, yeah, “The Macarena” is one of the worst things I’ve ever heard… I’m not sure it even really qualifies as a proper song). And “MMMBop” is a totally good song.

    HOWEVER: “What’s Up” is awful. Probably one of my least-favorite songs of all time. She might have a potentially nice voice, but it crosses over into screechy during that song, and, moreover, “What’s Up” has that nyah-nyah-nyah kind of catchiness — I would define it as the difference between the catchiness of a Beyonce song (catchy!) and the catchiness of your average Katy Perry song (nyah-nyah!).

  • I know I should be commenting on that totally worthwhile and actually-means-something post you wrote earlier about the Clinton Hill jamboree, but: HOW DARE YOU BESMIRCH SAVAGE GARDEN. Is it because you don’t believe in standing on a mountain, or because you hate that awful Jude Law movie?

    Candlebox, on the other hand, well, they suck.