Tickets Still Available to Shameless Display of Modern Gluttony

09/22/2011 3:23 PM |


Ah, the Olden Days, when men with top hats and mustaches smoked cigars in cloudy rooms while ingesting dangerous amounts of meat. Well, happy times are here again, as the sadists behind Brooklyn Beefsteak are throwing another event this Sunday at the Bell House. In case you missed the NY Times story on the subject, here are the things you can expect:

• All of the Pat LaFreida beef you can eat with your bare hands
• All of the McSorley’s Light and Dark Ale you can drink
• All of the rockabilly music you can listen to before getting in a knife fight with some street toughs

Tickets cost $50 ($45 if you are in a group of four or more) and there are two seatings: 1pm-4pm or 5pm-8pm. In case you were wondering, the beefsteak has its roots in the 19th Century, usually thrown as working class celebrations or fundraisers for such esteemed political institutions as Tammany Hall. Today, the stench of political corruption is gone from the event, but the excessive facial hair and alcohol consumption remain. Buy your tickets before they run out.

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