TrustoCorp Takes Over Magazine Racks in Brooklyn, Manhattan, L.A.

09/01/2011 11:26 AM |

TrustoCorps sarcastic parody magazines in racks in what looks like a Duane Reade checkout area.

  • TrustoCorp’s sarcastic parody magazines on racks in what looks like a Duane Reade checkout area.

Last we heard from shady street sign organization TrustoCorp they were advertising some morbid shows for the fall television season, and a couple of those are alluded to in the group’s latest project: the clandestine planting of fake tabloids “Shallow People,” “God Help US” and “We’re Not OK!” on newsstands and magazine racks in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Los Angeles, and LAX and JFK airports.

The trio of fake publications from the future, hinted at in a tweet last week, have been found on magazine displays in Williamsburg, Soho, Hollywood, and both city’s major airports. They promise such lurid scoops as the death of Lindsay Lohan two years from now at age 27, Donal Trump’s pregnancy, and a Sarah Palin sex tape—also, in a sidebar, Tom Cruise being possessed by Scientology’s supervillain, the evil lord Xenu. No word on whether the bright fake covers (seen in full below) contain any actual pages. If you pick one up, let us know.




See more photos of the tricky tabloids in situ at Arrested Motion.

(The Daily What; Photo)