TrustoCorp Turns Brooklyn Gas Station into Drive-Through Liposuction Station

09/29/2011 3:19 PM |

The sign for TrustoCorps drive-through liposuction station.

  • The sign for TrustoCorp’s drive-through liposuction station.

Local street art pranksters TrustoCorp continue to expand beyond their trademark sarcastic street signage. After making the G train friendlier in July and taking over magazine racks and payphone ads in August, their latest endeavor is far more ambitious: transforming a Brooklyn gas station into a drive-thru liposuction station.

TrustoCorps drive-through liposuction station.

  • TrustoCorp’s drive-through liposuction station.

The station, whose exact location is unknown (commenters, any ideas?) promises to help customers “go from chunky to hunky in 60 seconds,” by using a dubious surgical instrument called the “Lipovac” (see below). A helpful poster with “before” and “after” silhouettes illustrates how drastic an effect the 25 cent procedure will have on customers’ figures. If you find the liposuction station, let us know where it is!

TrustoCorps patented Lipovac.

  • TrustoCorp’s patented “Lipovac.”

(Photos: TrustoCorp/Flickr)

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