UnionDocs, Williamsburg’s DIY Film Space, Is Kickstarting for Some Necessary Upgrades

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09/27/2011 10:39 AM |

UnionDocs, the space for eclectic film screenings and nonfiction filmmaking workshops, recently signed a 10-year lease on their storefront space at 322 Union Avenue—and now that they’re gonna be in the neighborhood for another decade, they’ve turned their efforts towards improving the space, and need your help Kickstarting the project.

UnionDocs is currently a charming little sweatbox, but we agree with them that the space could use the upgrades they have planned: Improving the entrance, box office and signage (during Northside, I and many others were milling around outside waiting for the second screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation; a cop, curious, pulled up and walked around, sneaking flashlight glimpses at everyone’s pockets); adding an official (rather than folding card-table) concessions and bar space; adding a second bathroom and making both handicap-accessible; and adding more comfortable, tiered seating. Here’s their pitch:

The sweeteners they’re offering for especially generous donations also offer a pretty good sampling of what UnionDocs is all about, and why it’s such a valuable thing to have (especially in the soon-to-gentrify area East of the BQE): a DVD of short documentaries made by UnionDocs fellows; the opportunity to host your own private work-in-progress screening at UnionDocs; the opportunity to sit in on a work-in-progress screening with Caveh Zahedi; time in an editing suite; your very own 8mm documentary portrait shot by Marie Losier in her inimitable neo-Mekas style (!); and an Associate Producer credit on the ongoing UnionDocs project Looking at Los Sures, an update of the essential, underseen documentary Los Sures, an early-80s portrait of Hispanic South Williamsburg.

Or, if you have particularly fond memories of the benches that they used to use for event seating, one can be yours for a donation of just $150! A bench!