Artist Will Give Birth in Bushwick Gallery

10/11/2011 8:58 AM |

Baby X, Marni Kotaks collaborator in a new performance art piece.

  • Baby X, Marni Kotak’s collaborator in a new performance art piece.

Get ready for the mother of performance art pieces: pregnant Brooklyn artist Marni Kotak plans to give birth at Microscope Gallery in Bushwick, as part of her exhibition The Birth of Baby X. You know, because who needs a delivery room and an epidural when you can give birth in an art gallery surrounded by your midwife, doula and a bunch of art nerds?

Kotak tells the Village Voice:

In “The Birth of Baby X,” I will be completely engrossed in the act of giving birth before a live audience. I will be focused on delivering my child into the world in the healthiest manner possible, rather than on how I look or what the audience may think. Everything I have learned about the birth process is that the more you surrender your mind and don’t try to control the event, but let your body do what it naturally knows how to do, the better your labor progresses. This, to me, provides for the most authentic performance art situation. And the ultimate creation of this life performance will be a living being!

Check out her makeshift delivery room (complete with an inflatable pool, video projector and rocking chair) from 11am to 6pm any day in the next five or six weeks until the birth. Or just go every day to make sure you don’t miss any of the screaming, crying, blood and umbilical cord-cutting.

And don’t worry, Kotak’s collaboration with her kid in the name of art does not end with the birth, no no. The pregnant artist plans to chronicle the child’s entire life as part of a project dubbed “Raising Baby X.”