Artists Take Over Williamsburg Gallery for 48-Hour Art-Making Marathon

10/24/2011 9:49 AM |

Visitors were welcome to Camel Art Space for 48 Hours last 12 hours.

  • Visitors were welcome to Camel Art Space for 48 Hours‘ last 12 hours.

On Friday night at midnight, 14 artists holed themselves up in the Metropolitan Avenue gallery Camel Art Space and, save for trips to the deli and art supply store for essentials, remained there until midnight on Sunday. The project/event/exhibition, 48 Hours, was organized by Julie Torres, who also participated, and based on a similar, solo 24-hour exhibition she did in the spring.

The project consisted of three periods, beginning with the marathon 24-hour art-making session from midnight on Friday to midnight on Saturday, after which everyone got some much-needed sleep before waking up Sunday morning to hang and install the work they’d just produced for the noon-to-midnight opening. Yesterday when I stopped by around 7pm (or hour 43) everyone was in good spirits, surprised to not be more exhausted, and very happy with the experience. Best of all, the artworks they produced were very good, as you’ll see below.

The full list of participating artists: Paul Behnke, Brian Bustos, Lauren Collings, Julie Curtiss, Rebecca Goyette, Erin Haldrup, Katarina Hybenova, Warren King, Ken Kocses, Geddes Levenson, Rebecca Litt, Chris McGee, Joey Parlett, Jamie Powell, Babette Rittenberg, Julie Torres.