Brooklyn Navy Yard Historical Center Will Open on Veterans Day

10/27/2011 11:25 AM |

The under construction Brooklyn Navy Yard visitors center on Flushing Avenue.

  • The under construction Brooklyn Navy Yard historical center on Flushing Avenue.

It’s been two years and some change since the plans to convert the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s Building 92—the 1852 former United States Marine Corps Commandant’s residence on Flushing Avenue between Carlton Avenue and Adelphi Street—into a historical center and exhibition space were first announced. And though most of the yard’s other historic structures have only grown more irreparably dilapidated in the meantime, the renovated, revamped and expanded Building 92 historic center will be ready to open on Veterans Day (November 11).

There will be a special opening event on November 10 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard historic center, which now has its new fencing facing onto Flushing Avenue, Brownstoner reports. The new gray fence (seen here) matches the translucent mesh of the large new addition to the read of Building 92—an addition larger than the building to which it was added—wherein historical exhibits about the Navy Yard’s past will go on public display next month.

Details of the new mini-museum’s programming remain a mystery, but one hopes there will be some combination of historic, permanent displays and rotating special exhibitions to keep not only tourists but also the locals coming back. Perhaps a couple Eva Struble paintings are in order?

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  • Urban Oyster runs tours of the Brooklyn Navy Yard in conjunction with the Brooklyn Historical Society and we can let you know two things. First, MOST of the historical structures at the yard have and are being preserved. The officer’s quarters are the exception rather than the norm. Second, part of the programming at the new Bldg 92 Center will include regular tours on the weekends for anyone that would like to see the inside of the yard and the many historic structures that are still in use. More info can be found at