East Williamsburg Cyclist Killed on Morgan Avenue Last Night

10/19/2011 4:01 PM |

Morgan Avenue near the intersection of Meserole Street.

  • Morgan Avenue near the intersection of Meserole Street.

Last night moments before midnight a 30-year-old cyclist was hit and killed by the driver of a flatbed truck on Morgan Avenue near the corner of Meserole Street. The cyclist—whose name hasn’t been released yet—was apparently riding alongside the truck when the driver turned right onto Meserole, clipping the rider who was pronounced dead at the scene after an ambulance arrived minutes later. The truck driver didn’t stop, but the vehicle was found parked a couple blocks away.

The truck driver and cyclist were both traveling south along Morgan Avenue at the time of the accident, the NYPD tells Gothamist, and the driver didn’t see the cyclist when making a right turn onto Meserole Street. The accident occurred just two blocks from 3rd Ward but Jessica Tom, a member of the East Williamsburg arts center, told the Brooklyn Paper, “We did not hear about this until this morning.”

Other than 3rd Ward, that stretch of Morgan Avenue between East Williamsburg Bushwick is lined with warehouses, food factories, chop shops and other industrial enterprises. By day and—to a lesser degree—at night it’s a major thoroughfare for trucks delivering or picking up goods in the area. Although there’s no bike path along Morgan Avenue, it’s a very heavily trafficked route for riders going between Bushwick and points north.

The need for a safe north-south bike lane in the area is becoming increasingly dire; in August 29-year-old cyclist Erica Abbott was killed nearby on Bushwick Avenue, another heavily cycled route between Bushwick, Greenpoint and Williamsburg that doesn’t have a bike lane.

In the meantime, the police continues to search for the driver of the truck involved in last night’s fatal accident.

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  • There are several band-aid solutions that will probably be resisted because they put the onus on automobile drivers: many of the intersections on Morgan Avenue between Johnson Avenue and Flushing, and between Johnson Avenue and Grand Street, lack street lights. Street width is standard and uniform on Morgan Avenue along these stretches. Knickerbocker Avenue from Johnson to Flushing [Knickerbocker merges with Morgan Avenue at Johnson] is much wider, and, as pedestrian and cyclist traffic on Knickerbocker increases to eventually equal that on Morgan Avenue and Bogart Street [if the gentrification proceeds as everyone secretly hopes but publicly denies] the pedestrian-cyclist-automobile tension will worsen. The larger width of the street and the complete absence of street lights in this stretch makes for increased speeds and reckless driving as cars swerve on Knickerbocker without having to signal and without concern for lanes. The REAL solution would be to ban automobiles outright except for delivery, police and ambulance services–but that won’t happen until muthufuckas can teleport the area.

  • I bike Morgan every day to work. It’s the worst road for trucks. But the easiest way to access the Grand Street bike lane. There needs to be better signage, and bike lanes. There are illegally parked cars up and down the whole corridor. When will we get a bike lane? It’s a terrible situation for bikes and pedestrians.

  • Nostrand could use a bike lane too.

  • Make a bike lane please! so many of us use that for work