Follow Up: Cyclist Killed on Morgan Avenue Was Artist Mathieu Lefèvre

10/21/2011 2:04 PM |

Mathieu Lefèvre, 1981-2011.

  • Mathieu Lefèvre, 1981-2011.

On Wednesday, when we found out that a 30-year-old cyclist had been hit and killed by the driver of a flatbed truck the night before on Morgan Avenue near Meserole Street, the NYPD hadn’t released the victim’s name yet—presumably in order to notify friends and family first. But now, per an obituary by art critic Nicolas Mavrikakis in Montreal alt-weekly Voir, we learn that the deceased is Mathieu Lefèvre, an Edmonton-born, Montreal-raised and—since 2010—Brooklyn-based artist.

Lefèvre was a member of 3rd Ward, the art center two blocks from the intersection where he died, though the institution’s marketing director Jessica Tom tells Gothamist: “He was a member of 3rd Ward, but to our knowledge he was not here the night of the accident.”

Working primarily in sculpture and painting, Lefèvre highlighted the materiality of his works with copious clumps of paint squeezed directly onto canvases and pedestals, and deliberately sloppy aluminum objects that could be the 3D manifestations of David Shrigley drawings. His works often consist of visual puns, like a piece entitled “Now You Don’t” (2010) in which a board painted white has the words “Now You See It” cut into its surface.

Lefèvre turned 30 in March. His Facebook wall is rapidly filling with messages of grief from friends, family and admirers. Mavrikakis’s obituary concludes, “Cursed city of New York, which has taken away our most talented, and now has also taken the life of one of our artists.”

(Gothamist; Photo: Facebook)

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