Former Detective: NYPD Plants Drugs on People to Boost Arrest Quotas

10/17/2011 4:07 PM |


They’re South Brooklyn and Queens’ narcotics squads—they stop, they frisk, they drop a little baggy of coke in your pocket when they find none. Former narcotics detective Stephen Anderson testified before the Brooklyn Supreme Court last week to a common practice known as “flaking”—planting cocaine on innocent people to boost “buy and bust” numbers, the Daily News reports.

Anderson was arrested in 2008 when surveillance footage caught him “flaking” four men in a Queens bar. After settling on a plea bargain with prosecutors, Anderson told Justice Gustin Reichbach that he was just trying to help a buddy out.

You see, Henry Tavarez, a fellow cop, wasn’t exactly making the buy and bust quotas that supervisors demanded (which apparently don’t exist, according to city lawyers). “Tavarez was… was worried about getting sent back [to patrol] and, you know, the supervisors getting on his case,” Anderson told the court.

“It was something I was seeing a lot of,” he said, “whether it was from supervisors or undercovers and even investigators.”

To date, more than 300 drug bust have been tossed out and the city has doled out more than $1.2 million to settle the false arrests.  Two brothers that were victimized by Anderson were given $300,000.

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  • Stephen Anderson is only saying these things to pro long the process so he doesn’t see a jail yet. Henry Tavarez didn’t need numbers if that was the first time he went out under the wing of Stephen Anderson so how did he need more numbers if he just started in that unit. I am disgusted by the fact that Stephen Anderson hasn’t faced jail time yet and just rating people out to save him self. He only arrested innocent people to get the OT from the city so he could pay his mortage, then he goes off to Lond Island PD and gets caught cheating, ask yourself what kind of person is this and what does he really want to get out of his job??????????

  • What is the time period for those 300 tossed busts?

  • dennissinned,

    Detective Sean Johnstone was the first South Brooklyn narcotics officer indicted for flaking back in 2008. Stephen Anderson and Henry Tavarez were caught on tape around the same time. I’m assuming the 300 busts were tossed over the course of these last three years.

  • Thanks. That is a mind-boggling amount of busts for any time period but for three years that just drops jaws.