Frances Bean Reportedly Engaged to Rock Guy Vaguely Looking Like Kurt

10/27/2011 12:57 PM |

Isnt she supposed to be a baby?

  • Isn’t she supposed to be a baby?

Frances Bean seems to have turned out all right — we learned in a 2008 interview with Harper’s Bazaar that she’s super into musicals and dreams of one day interning at Rolling Stone. Now all grown up (technically 19, for us old people), she’s reportedly engaged to Isaiah Silva of LA-based rock band The Rambles. (I’m listening now. They sound kinda generic classic rockish aiming for mainstream radio; there are lots of pop melodies and references to wanting to have a good time.)

How do we know this? Facebook. The couple, who have been dating for over a year, switched their all-telling relationship statuses to engaged a few weeks ago, though quickly changed them back to their original settings. Recent messages posted on the pair’s walls certainly infer that the engagement is still on, however. I feel super creepy copying and pasting portions here, especially seeing as they both use aliases on the site (Frances Rachel Leigh Cook, Isaiah David Berkowitz-Cusack, if interested) but don’t feel as terribly creeping linking to another article that posted them: ta-da. Internet rumblings suggest that this Isaiah dude looks a lot like her father but, I dunno, guy in a band with hair in his face? (See photo below.) Isn’t that what everyone looks like these days? I will say though, as your dutiful hard-news journalism servant, that the resemblance in Frances’ current profile picture is more striking. There he’s wearing a ripped cardigan and has purple hair.

Oh, here, look: a creepy Tumblr blog keeping close tabs on the couple. [via OC Weekly]


  • Getty images, via Seattle Post-Intelligencer

And to complete the circle, Kurt talks about wealth, falling in love, and having a baby, at which point he smiles and it’s crushing:

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