OSA Moves Williamsburg Waterfront Concerts to New Location

10/06/2011 3:15 PM |

Long, long ago

  • Long, long ago

You guys are never going to believe this, but the Open Space Alliance (OSA) has been hammered with complaints about this summer’s concert series on the Williamsburg Waterfront — just like the summer before and the summer before that. Community board members are still pretty hung up on the “lawless drug nightmare” (aka, relatively tamed nitrous oxide incident) following the Widespread Panic show last month, for starters. In response, OSA rep Stephanie Thayer announced last night at a community board meeting that they will be moving the series to an asphalt-covered lot in Bushwick Inlet Park at 50 Kent Avenue and N 10th Street. While the park is constructionally years behind in fulfilling proposed plans, Thayer says the site should be ready for summer 2012. From what I can tell using Google maps and image searches, the space in question offers similar views of the Manhattan skyline as the series’ current location in East River Park, so we’re good there. I guess it sucks to be one of the rich people living in The Edge who now have to buy concert tickets, though.

[via Brownstoner]