Red Hook’s WORK Gallery Closing for Good on October 21st

10/13/2011 10:39 AM |

WORK Gallerys iconic Red Tin Shack.

  • WORK Gallery’s iconic Red Tin Shack.

After nearly five years at the Red Tin Shack (pictured), a former mechanic’s workshop at the corner of Van Brunt and Union streets, WORK Gallery is closing up shop later this month. In an email announcement last night, gallery co-founder Walker Waugh wrote: “It is with great pleasure and some sadness that I announce The Voyage Within, the final exhibition of WORK Gallery in the hallowed Red Tin Shack.”

The gallery’s tenure in the picturesque shack will end in typical fashion, with the four-artist exhibition (including works by current director Eric Ayotte, the gallery’s late co-founder Emily Driscoll, Lisa di Donato and Ryan O’Conner) The Voyage Within opening on Saturday—with the last in the gallery’s Drive In outdoor film series (curated by Jessie Stead) projected onto the tractor trailers across the street—from 7pm to midnight, and a final closing reception on October 21st from 7-9pm. In yesterday’s announcement, Waugh reminisces and explains the meaning of the final exhibition’s title.

Its hard to believe its been almost five years since we discovered the sanguine shack at the corner of Union and Van Brunt. From the very first exhibition—Maiden Voyage Champagne Party — we made it the gallery’s mission to cultivate a community of friends and neighbors in the service of creativity and camaraderie. As our mission statement from those first days stated: “WORK and our artists exchange and impart our ideas democratically, seeking to utilize the space in the dissolution of barriers. In a time and place where many are searching for more and bigger, WORK is committed to bringing important matters of culture into close circles, for critical discussion and reflection.” That was our language then, as it is today. Now, with more than 60+ exhibitions and performances by literally hundreds of young and talented and hungry artists behind us, we stand proudly by our achievements, with eyes still scanning the horizon for what’s next. And though the acute tinge of Emily’s absence percolates through the space and its visitors, we are all assured that we are better having known her, and that the endeavors of the gallery since her passing have been in the service of this original vision. So please, join us on this Saturday night for one final voyage and the following Friday to close, within, without and beyond.

Very truly yours,
Walker Waugh
Co-founder WORK Gallery

WORK joins recently departed Red Hook art space Lucky Gallery, which closed just over a year ago at the corner of Wolcott and Richards streets.