The L is Looking for a Music Intern

10/27/2011 12:45 PM |

The L Magazine is looking for a Music Intern to work in the office at least two full days per week, with the primary duty of maintaining live music listings on our website and writing short, descriptive blurbs of the bands performing.

A deep interest in music is obviously the main qualification, and a strong knowledge of the Brooklyn music scene would certainly be helpful. But in addition to that, we’re really looking for someone who hopes to break into the world of music journalism—the person hired for the position will be encouraged to pitch ideas for blog posts, record reviews, interviews and so on, and should therefore have a solid understanding of our publication, as well as the broader landscape of music criticism in 2011.

To apply, email a cover letter, resumé, and writing samples to In your cover letter, please include the name of your favorite album of all-time, your favorite album of 2011 so far, and the last live show you saw.

The position is unpaid, but those in school can earn college credit.

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  • This doesn’t sound like an internship to me, this sounds like a part-time position, is it really that expensive to pay someone 8 bucks an hour to maintain the part of your website that brings traffic every week?

  • “Is it really that expensive to pay someone 8 bucks an hour?”

    Ha, yes, it costs about 8 bucks an hour. Welcome to New York.