What Are Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore Going to Be for Halloween? A Parting Thought Before the Weekend

10/28/2011 4:05 PM |

Managing editor Mike Conklin brought this video to my attention, fully aware that my guiding principle in life is What Would Mandy Moore Do? He, meanwhile, appreciates the second track on every Ryan Adams album more than is deemed acceptable by trend-chasing music critics of the day (hi, Mike!). Here’s a Halloween-appropriate video that we can both enjoy, its highlights being three-fold: (1) Ryan telling the paparazzi that they’e a bunch of assholes while they hound the couple about their Halloween costumes, (2) Mandy chiming in with “Aww, it’s all good!” and other chirpy sentiments throughout the exchanage, (3) Ryan and Mandy being the most underrated celebrity couple in the best-dressed, well-coifed department. In conclusion, you and your friends should be Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore for Halloween, not a bunch of assholes.