Why We Are Occupying Wall Street

10/12/2011 4:00 AM |


Children of the occupation! Are we alright?
Is anyone hungry? Occupation
pizza is fresh and hot! A prisoner in
Burma ordered it for us! Or was that a
family waiting for clean water in Bangladesh?
Or a foreclosed grandmother
on a porch in Bed-Stuy? They speak to
us clearly. The word “solidarity” comes
to our lips!

But there are people speaking to us
also who talk in the windows of these
skyscrapers that lean over us here in
Liberty Plaza. They are chattering into
microphones. Their fingers are blurring
over the keys. They demand to know
what… They demand to know what…
What do we want? They demand a list
of demands!

They say we are amorphous! Kind of fuzzy
and vague! We’re just romantic rebels! In a
pantomime of protest! They say

Now children…


I am here to thank you! Can you feel the
gratitude that so many people feel toward
you? From around the country…
And the world? Because we know it’s all
in the phrase:

To occupy this park in the shadow of
these banks is to create a tear, a big rip
in the system.

We all underestimated the power of the
corporate monoculture, the thousands
of ads and little threats from fashion,
credit, and stylish violence, of consumerism
and militarism that hurries us and
exhausts us in this middle class America.

And now here we have this island, this
occupation of the banks, this banning of
logos and cash this love of humans without

What does the CEO up there see looking
down from his lofty corner office?
We’re down here, so close by, but we’re
not in his economy, and we write our
own history. We’re living and breathing
and making music, we’re crazifying
the pure products of America! Living
eating dreaming sleeping and shouting,
occupying with our lives in the face of the
financial instruments that circle us to
abuse us but can’t get at us because we
claim our lives as are our own: to live our
First Amendment of freedoms, without
permits or dividends or wars…
What we’re doing here could not be more
specific, more elucidated, researched and
clear. It takes a nation of millions: hungry
prisoners, hungry-thirsty families,
students who got fooled into debt, lifelong
helpers losing their homes—people
betrayed by a lie about freedom; good
people lied to by men in suits.

Oh yes, we have the common sense to
feel what is demanded here these last
three weeks in Liberty Plaza! They are
thanking us for what we’re doing, and
they are going down to their own public


We are living life here, and life is very
specific. We are

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