3 Reasons Why You Should Check Out This Band Called Caged Animals Tonight at Shea

11/04/2011 2:02 PM |


Caged Animals began as every band does: Frontman Vincent Cacchione, who also doubles as the singer in Soft Black, was hit by a truck while hard at work as a weed deliveryman. Rather than putting money into car repairs, he bought a new computer and spent hours making what he calls “mind-fucked pop music.” What this “mind-fucked pop music” magically ended up being is the exact type of music you want to get lost in after a crush turns you down: bummed-out, hopefully longing, and sometimes detailed with Spector-nodding shoo-wops. Or, in other words, psych-rock that unobtrusively mingles with the pure, sweet pop at Caged Animals’ core, all warmed up with shoegazey fuzz. They’ve become blog favorites over in Europe (are headed there on tour later this month, actually) but, for some reason, seem to be going largely unnoticed in their hometown (Brooklyn, you guys). Let’s fix that.

Three reasons why you should check out their album release show for Eat Their Own tonight at Shea Stadium? Because here’s what’s in store:

1.) “Teflon Heart” (from Eat Their Own)

2.) “Girls on Medication” (single)

3.) “This Summer I’ll Make It Up to You” (also on Eat Their Own)